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Gate City Studios

Classical. Jazz. Acoustic.

Welcome to Gate City Studios!

Specializing in classical, jazz, and other acoustic genres, Gate City Studios in Greensboro captures inspired performances--with an equal emphasis on video and audio.


We offer products for those in need of audition and social media-ready materials, and as a full-service studio we are prepared to go the distance for EP and LP releases as well.

Gate City Studios is one of the very few studios in the region to boast a 9-foot concert grand piano. Our rare 1962 Baldwin restored to its original glory able to satisfy the most demanding soloists and chamber players.


Classical singers will appreciate the option of an in-house pianist well-versed in their repertoire. This alleviates the difficulty of coordinating venue, recording technician, and pianist.

We look forward to speaking with you about your needs!


$65 per hour (prorated)

This is our basic fee for audio-only recording and for post-project mixing (when mixing is not included in the fixed price for video projects).


Video Production

Several options here. (includes audio)

Single-angle audition videos:

          $75 per hour - recording

          $20 per selection - mixing/editing

Two fixed angles:

          $80 per hour - recording

          $35 per selection - mixing/editing

     half day - 300     full day - 600

Three fixed angles:

          $85 per hour - recording

          $40 per selection - mixing/editing

     half day - 320     full day - 640

3 cameras--2 fixed, 1 in motion:

          $100 per hour - recording

          $65 per hour - editing

     half day - 380     full day - 760


$50 per hour (prorated)


(For opera and music theater singers only.) Studio owner, Ben Blozan, holds both a M.M. and a D.M.A. in collaborative piano with an emphasis on vocal repertoire. He is available for hire by singers to play for audition videos.


     - 20% discount for currently-enrolled university students on all projects.

     - Half day=4 hours, full day=8 hours.

     - $125 Piano tuning fee (optional).

     - ON-SITE projects: $75 travel fee (plus $.50 per mile when out-of-town).

       Session time includes set-up and tear down.

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